Honey has become a common household commodity to replace refined sugar as consumer health issues have grown. Honey has many therapeutic and nutritional advantages- our honey is the best healthy honey to buy since we use a minimal filtration method to preserve the natural properties of honey.

Seeking pure honey has been a tough task in recent years, with so much commercialization. Furthermore, a few misconceptions are circulated that cause buyers to be concerned. At Healthy Honey we help you debunk those honey myths and learn the truth about pure honey. Let us see.

Myth 1: Honey taints quickly and has a shelf life.

Truth: Honey does not spoil and does not need refrigeration. Honey tastes better when it is newly harvested. However, it losses its delicate flavors as it ages. While honey can be stored for an indefinite period- it will lose its taste and health benefits over time as the enzymes in the substance break down.

Myth #2: Honey that crystalize is not pure

Truth: Honey that crystalizes symbolizes the premium quality. To avoid crystallization, commercially produced honey is often heated to high temperatures, so select fresh honey from us as we conserve the honey in its natural state. Our honey comes in glass jars that you can put in hot water to bring back to its liquid state when crystalize.

Myth #3: Honey only comes in golden hues

Truth: Not all honey is created equal, and the color, scent, and taste of each honey vary based on its location, soil, and environment, as well as the form of blossom nectar collected by the honeybee. Ass honey ages and is stored in colder conditions; it darkens and changes its flavor. So next time when the question of where can I buy pure honey surrounds your mind, don’t make the color of honey the basis of your purchase.

Myth #4: You cannot scoop honey with a metal spoon.

Truth: However, scooping honey is such a fast motion that metal corrosion is highly impossible. Even we do not recommend storing a metal spoon in your honey for an extended period. If you wish to keep it for a longer time, you can use a wooden spoon or a dripper.

Myth #5: Honey contains gluten 

Truth: Honey is gluten-free by itself. Our Gluten-free honey is the best healthy honey to buy as it has a variety of health benefits, including lowering cholesterol, improving digestive health, and boosting energy levels.

Myth #6: White foam on honey indicates that it has spoiled. 

Truth: The fallacy has been spread to emphasize the fact that honey never spoils. The white foam on top of the honey is compressed air in the honey that gets migrated to the top of the container, resulting in tiny air bubbles.

Myth #7: Honey with a sweet flavor is made entirely of sugar.

Truth: the plants from which it was harvested determine Honey flavor. Honey sweetness does not always imply that it is made from sugar. The sweet flavor is determined by the kind of plant from which the bees foraged nectar. Since honey is as varied as the number of flowers, each honey at Healthy Honey has a distinct taste and consistency.

To sum up

So next time when a doubt, where can I buy pure honey that is pure, crop up in your mind- these myth busters will help you become more aware of the advantages of honey. We support local beekeepers to ensure that their colonies grow pure or raw honey rather than honey with high sugar content. Visit our online store and know the kinds of honey that we sell and their benefits in particular.

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