Tulsi honey is a rich amber color elixir produced from the Holy Basil or Tulsi herb flowers. With gentle and sweet herbal properties, this honey is a wonderful addition to your diet and wellbeing, packed with the goodness of Tulsi and honey. Tulsi honey has been considered as an immunity enhancer, which, when combined with any food penetrates its goodness deep into the body. Fill your mid-day energy levels with green tea combined with the best tulsi honey online available with us.

Healthy honey’s tulsi honey is extremely beneficial in various terms. Let us see how:

Treats fever

Consumption of tulsi honey helps in curing high body temperature. In ancient times, tulsi paste used to be rubbed on a person’s feet, for treating high fever. Eat a teaspoon of Tulsi honey with grated ginger and a pinch of pepper to reduce the signs of fever,

Fight disease and build the immune system

If you are searching for a miracle cure to improve your immune system naturally; buy Tulsi honey from healthy honey, 100 percent pure and high in antioxidants. It gives the energy to overcome serious diseases.

To boost your immunity, drink a spoonful of tulsi honey mix with a dash of lemon drops in a glass of warm water on an empty stomach every day.

Cures throat infection

Due to the anti-bacterial properties, our tulsi honey is highly effective in treating bacterial infections of the throat like tonsillitis and sore throat.

To get better results in treating sore throat, consume tulsi honey in the following manner:

  • Consume one tablespoon of honey with a glass of warm water every morning to soothe your throat itching.

Treats cold and cough

Buy tulsi honey online from healthy honey to get relief from cold and cough issues. Even a person on expectorant can take tulsi honey to get some relaxation. You can consume tulsi honey in the below mentioned ways to target cough and cold.

  • Consume a spoonful of tulsi honey with grated ginger and a pinch of pepper powder thrice or four times a day to soothe the cough.
  • Tulsi honey is an effective remedy to control and treat dry cough if consumed for few days regularly, twice a day.

Take care of the skin

Tulsi honey is a natural skin cleanser that not only irradiates the skin internally but also externally. It helps in removing dirt and impurities from your skin, leaving your skin radiant and supple. Healthy honey tulsi honey is free from any kind of artificial colors and chemicals hence it is skin-friendly.
Use Tulsi honey in the following ways to get that glow on your skin:

  • Combine tulsi honey in your face packs and get rid of acne and pimples with regular use.
  • Enjoy the anti-aging property of tulsi honey to reduce pigmentation and prevent early aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Apply tulsi honey evenly on your clean face and leave it for 15 min to get that instant party glow.

Treats diabetes

Healthy honey’s tulsi honey is a great substitute for white sugar. Enjoy your favorite beverages and desserts by not compromising on the taste by replacing the sugar with tulsi honey. 2 spoons of white sugar= 6 tablespoons of tulsi honey, adjust sweetness accordingly.

Detox your body

Tulsi is full of essential anti-oxidant and we ensure that our tulsi honey reaches our consumer in its raw state, keeping the natural richness and goodness of tulsi intact.

Enjoy your green tea or herbal tea with a spoon of tulsi honey or mix it in hot water with lemon juice to get rid of those excess calories to flush out toxins early morning.

To conclude

Tulsi honey, which contains anti-inflammatory agents, is highly therapeutic. It treats lung, cold, and cough diseases. It is both an energy booster for many illnesses and a natural cure.

Tulsi honey will relieve your levels of tension as well as calm you. It also aids with anxiety control. You can trust healthy honey to buy the best tulsi honey online shopping from us as our honey is unprocessed, unfiltered, and unadulterated with any kind of artificial sweeteners, color, or preservatives.

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