100% fresh Harad Murabba

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Essential Features of Harad Murabba

What is harad murabba

This murabba is made with the Harad fruit, not only tastes good but packs a lot of nutrients and goodness

A good source of antioxidants

It contains an array of plant chemicals that act as antioxidants, which help to protect body from cell damage .

Has Anti-Ageing Properties

It contains an array of plant chemicals that act as antioxidants, which help to protect body from cell damage .

Benefits of Harad Murabba

Improves Digestion

Harad improves digestion by forming a healthy intestinal environment.

Improves Immunity

Harad improves immunity and increases longevity.

Cough and Cold

Harad is good for preventing cough and cold naturally.

For Skin disease

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Weight loss

Harad helps to remove toxins from the body.


  1. Sachan.Rishabh (store manager)

    Best deal at this price.

    My review is mainly based on the available famous brands. There are many reviews but nobody actually know about real honey. All the persons reviewing in comparison with other brands .
    Actually it’s processed honey. Honey that is classified as raw is not allowed to be pasteurized or processed.

  2. Aman Singh (store manager)

    when I tasted it first,it seemed wonderfully original. just love it.

    I have ordered pure honey and I was really confused and scared about the purity and benefits of this honey but as soon as received the product I have tasted it to check and I was surprised that this is the taste that we used to get in our childhood, really pure and tasty and have also ordered the 2nd bottle for all family members and will definitely continue purchasing

  3. Indresh Kr. Verma (store manager)

    Pure Honey With excellent packaging…… Squeeze it use it…

    Firstly I’m impressed with this product …… The package arrived on time….

  4. Naman Jain (store manager)

    Good Honey for Everyday Use

    I use honey regularly for my family. I liked this honey a lot. It comes in a squeezy pack which is very convenient to handle and honey dispenses from it without any spilling. The consistency of honey is decent and it tastes very nice and natural. I am using it in my lemon water and my kid’s milk everyday. It gives us an energy boost instantly. Totally worth using without any worries.

  5. RAHUL HURIA (store manager)

    Great product

    I purchased the dabur honey in buy one get one offer and it’s worth the money. It has a good consistency and comes in easy to use squeezy bottle which is very useful. I have used this honey with conflakes, I used it in dessert. It enchances the taste of green tea by adding just a little amount of it. I also use it as an immunity booster . It enhances the taste of warm water and also acts as weight loss agent. I am totally satisfied with the product and would highly recommend it to everyone.

  6. Santosh yadav (store manager)

    Delicious Honey at a Delicious Price🌟

    First of all I couldn’t believe that Dabur is really selling this (400mg+400mg)800mg honey at this price but then I searched more and read the reviews & took a try and it was worthfull as it’s taste is amazing and I don’t think it may have added sugar and the quantity they are giving at this price point is unbelievable so my recommendation is if you get it at the price between 199 to 220Rs then just grab it.

  7. Neha Mishra (store manager)

    Pure, healthy and tasty honey

    We have been using Dabur Honey for many years now due to it’s medicinal properties.
    I start my day with a glass of lukewarm water, a lemon and a spoon of honey. It makes my mornings full of energy. My breakfast too mostly includes honey. We substitute sugar with Dabur honey while having corn flakes, milk, or oats, and some time in juice or fruit salads.

  8. shilpa aneja (store manager)

    Amazing taste and consistency ❤️

    We all know that Dabur is a renowned brand since ages. I have been using Dabur products since I was a teenager. My daughter wanted to taste honey and what better then giving her Dabur honey. She loved it so so much. She likes to drizzle it over her pancakes. I add it to my breakfast oats. The flavor is amazing. So pure it tastes. The packaging was also good. No spilling here and there coz it comes in a squeezy bottle. It has such a nice thick consistency. Nothing can beat Dabur honey. The best honey and worth every penny. Just go for it 👍

  9. Charu Chauhan (store manager)


    Taste of honey is very authentic means has no too sugary taste. It has no added sugar. it’s natural something like we get in our village. No doubt it helps to improve my immune system & metabolism. I mix it regularly in lukewarm water with lemon juice in the morning and feel energetic full day. It is a good source of nutrition for me and my family. Enjoy veggies salad and other healthy recipes with this no added sugar honey. Actually, I bought it because of get 1 but 1 but I’m very impressed. I’m giving 4 stars because texture of honey is little bit liquidity.

  10. mohit (store manager)

    Quality wise best product in market.

    I found this product is very useful for me.
    It is good in taste and quality wise is best in market.
    Whenever i get hunger and dont have much tym to cook then i found this honey is very useful and convenient to used wid breadand can mix in water also to keep my throat clear.

  11. Shubhika Garg (store manager)

    My favourite Honey

    We use Honey on a daily basis , that’s why consumption of honey is more in my home . It is an essential part of my monthly grocery shopping list . Daily intake of honey keeps us fresh , boost our energy and increase our immunity . We always prefer Dabur Honey.

  12. Anurag M. (store manager)

    Very convenient package and natural taste

    Honey is such a regular use product to maintain health, we use it to reduce extra body weight but in market what we get is sugar syrup instead of natural honey which is doing more harm to our health and increase our weight, so for this matter we can trust only our trusted brands. When it comes to natural products Dabur is the name that comes out, specially for honey I can not trust any brands except Dabur.

  13. Sugandha Chugh (store manager)

    Perfect ingredient to boost immunity

    I am writing this review after using this product.
    It’s very convenient to use this squeezing pack of honey, without dropping on kitchen shelf 🤪. Great product in terms of regular usage. Taste-wise it’s superb and a perfect ingredient to boost immunity (which matters a lot nowadays). It is rich in antioxidants. I give this to my toddler regularly, since this helps in building good immunity level and thinning congestion & loosening cough during viral infection days. Also it improves the digestive system and blood pressure level of my elders. After using this I have replaced my regular sugar with this superb product.

  14. Namrata Sipani (store manager)

    Good taste

    I start my day with a glass of lukewarm water, a lemon and a spoon of honey. It makes my mornings full of energy. My breakfast too mostly includes honey. We substitute sugar with Dabur honey while having corn flakes, milk, or oats, and some time in juice or fruit salads.
    The Consistency of dabur honey is great and these squeezy bottle are easy to use. However, the only draw back is since it a squeezy bottle you need to keep the plastic bottle safe from ants.
    Dabur honey is definitely the best commercially available honey in the market.

  15. Nisha Kumari (store manager)

    I liked the product and It really worked for me. Worth a buy.

    Honey is one of the best thing one can have after waking up in the morning with lukewarm water.
    It is rich in antioxidants,boosts your immunity. And this product is 100% pure with no added sugar.
    Honey is full of moisturizing and nourishing properties. You can use it on your face too. Honey provides required moisture to the skin, especially during winters, when it tends to get dry. Its regular application also helps cure severe skin allergies like eczema, psoriasis and other infections.

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