100% natural Multiflora Honey

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Essential Features of
Multiflora Honey


It is a thick liquid.


Taste may vary from mild to rich, sweet in taste.


It has exotic aroma.


Healthy honey’s multi-flora honey is liquid gold.

Benefits of Multiflora Honey

Our Multiflora Honey is harvested organically from beehives on our organic farms by our skilled beekeepers. Our honey is harvested and packed without processing, ensuring the finest form of raw honey with all-natural advantages. Buy the best multiflora honey online from us and get it to deliver to almost any party of India.


Contains a variety of nutrients


Rich in antioxidants


Improve heart health


Easy to add to your diet

Contains essential minerals, vitamins, and natural enzymes

It aids in tissue repair, cell regrowth.

Beneficial for digestion, and muscle activity.

An ideal source of boosting energy.


  1. Sonu Agarwal (store manager)

    Pure authentic honey

    I came accross the Safolla honey while surfing recently and thought of giving it a try. I had been using other brands till now. I think that this honey is authentic. Taste and texture are good. I have been consuming honey since many years and therefore can now know difference in pure and unpure. I can say this is authentic. Safolla being a brand name I can trust. Would recommend this to all.

  2. Arham (store manager)

    Best branded pure honey

    I m using daily honey in my diet plan. I tried many others honey brands, but after use tht its seems best for purity, taste, thickness and natural there is no No added sugar in it.
    Honey is good for health and i know saffola is a good brand so anyone can trust it,
    its value for money,

  3. Neha (store manager)

    Amazing quality honey.. loved it!!

    I really liked this Saffola Honey.. This 1kg packaging is a value for money deal for sure .. this honey is totally pure and free from any kind of added sugar.. it’s taste is just perfect .. it’s neither less sweet nor too sweet.. it is undoubtedly the best honey I’ve tasted till date .. it can be added in warm water, green tea or in any drink you like to get its benefits .. it can be added in a lot of food dishes as well .. Honey is a universal ingredient with a lot of benefits .. do go for this if you’re looking for good quality honey!!

  4. bilal naik (store manager)

    Pure honey

    Taste really good and has 100% pure with no adulterant present in it,was useful in home remedies medicine to prepare from this pure honey.

  5. Maruf Hassan (store manager)

    This is what real honey tastes like

    One of the 3 companies that pass the NMR Test in India. I used to buy Dabur honey but after being betrayed by such a huge brand selling sugar syrup in the name of Honey, I am glad I searched for real honey and found it. It is consistent, passes the homemade test you can do to check the honey and isn’t very sweet like other honeys.

  6. VIKAS KUMAR SINGH (store manager)

    Relaible, trustworthy, quality product.

    This is the second time I am purchasing this. Purchased after reading the article about honey adulteration and the failure of many so called ‘real honey’ brands in the lab tests for adulterants, carried out by trustworthy NGO Centre for Science and Environment (CSE).

  7. shoaib ahmed (store manager)

    Real pure honey.

    I started to use this after I saw a video in YT stating that most top brands failed the purity test abroad except Safolla. I was using Dabur earlier and they didn’t even reply to my email when I asked for clarification about this purity test.

  8. Muthukumar (store manager)


    Everything is Good in product. Still Only if the buyer knows the original natural product, can compare. No user identifiable fool proof method to chk the genuinity of the product available. Mostly corporates survive in loopholes which the buyer is totally unaware of.

  9. Rahul_Villian (store manager)

    Clean and healthy for all

    After using the Dabur Apple cider I picked this product when i needed honey at home.
    The honey was clean and did not form lumps even in cold climate. I loved the taste too and the thickness was moderate.

  10. RAMAPRASAD M. (store manager)

    Good and Economical!

    Good and Economical!

  11. RAHUL HURIA (store manager)

    Great product

    I purchased the dabur honey in buy one get one offer and it’s worth the money. It has a good consistency and comes in easy to use squeezy bottle which is very useful. I have used this honey with conflakes, I used it in dessert. It enchances the taste of green tea by adding just a little amount of it. I also use it as an immunity booster . It enhances the taste of warm water and also acts as weight loss agent. I am totally satisfied with the product and would highly recommend it to everyone.

  12. Neha Mishra (store manager)

    Pure, healthy and tasty honey

    We have been using Dabur Honey for many years now due to it’s medicinal properties.

    I start my day with a glass of lukewarm water, a lemon and a spoon of honey. It makes my mornings full of energy. My breakfast too mostly includes honey. We substitute sugar with Dabur honey while having corn flakes, milk, or oats, and some time in juice or fruit salads.
    The Consistency of dabur honey is great and these squeezy bottle are easy to use. However, the only draw back is since it a squeezy bottle you need to keep the plastic bottle safe from ants.

  13. shilpa aneja (store manager)

    Amazing taste and consistency ❤️

    We all know that Dabur is a renowned brand since ages. I have been using Dabur products since I was a teenager. My daughter wanted to taste honey and what better then giving her Dabur honey. She loved it so so much. She likes to drizzle it over her pancakes. I add it to my breakfast oats. The flavor is amazing. So pure it tastes. The packaging was also good. No spilling here and there coz it comes in a squeezy bottle. It has such a nice thick consistency. Nothing can beat Dabur honey. The best honey and worth every penny. Just go for it 👍

  14. Charu Chauhan (store manager)


    Taste of honey is very authentic means has no too sugary taste. It has no added sugar. it’s natural something like we get in our village. No doubt it helps to improve my immune system & metabolism. I mix it regularly in lukewarm water with lemon juice in the morning and feel energetic full day. It is a good source of nutrition for me and my family. Enjoy veggies salad and other healthy recipes with this no added sugar honey. Actually, I bought it because of get 1 but 1 but I’m very impressed. I’m giving 4 stars because texture of honey is little bit liquidity.

  15. mohit (store manager)

    Quality wise best product in market.
    I found this product is very useful for me.
    It is good in taste and quality wise is best in market.
    Whenever i get hunger and dont have much tym to cook then i found this honey is very useful and convenient to used wid breadand can mix in water also to keep my throat clear.

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