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The preservatives free Raw Honey

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Essential Features of Raw Honey

A good source of antioxidants

It contains an array of plant chemicals that act as antioxidants, which help to protect body from cell damage .

Raw honey nutrition

Raw honey also contains micronutrients such as calcium, magnesium, manganese, niacin.

Antibacterial & antifungal properties

The potential for both internal and topical treatments using raw honey is significant.

Benefits of Raw Honey

Heals wounds

It has antimicrobial properties, which may help in for microbial inhibition and wound healing.

Help for digestive issues

Honey is sometimes used to treat digestive issues such as diarrhea.

Soothe a sore throat and cough

Honey is an old sore throat remedy that soothes the ache and can help with coughs. Add it to hot tea with lemon when a cold virus hits.

Brain benefits

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects can benefit many parts of the body, including brain health.

Skin benefits

Include in your skincare regime to treat various skin problems, like open pores and blackheads.

Beneficial for bones

Aid bone health in women and children.


  1. Saurabh Anand (store manager)


    The refreshing natural odor when I open the pack, excellent packaging with all necessary information on the label, health benefits that I can feel after eating this honey regularly. keeps my throat clear and I catch cold less often the best honey I could find on the market.

  2. Amit chhikara (store manager)


    I recently stumbled across Healthy honey while surfing and decided to give it a try. Until this, I had been using different brands. This honey appears to be genuine. The flavor and texture are both excellent. I’ve been eating honey for a long time and can tell the difference between pure and unpure honey. This is genuine, in my opinion. I can rely on Healthy Honey as a brand name. This is something I would suggest to everyone.

  3. sandeep yadav (store manager)

    Amazing taste

    In my diet, I consume honey daily. I tried several different honey brands, but after using this one, it appears to be the best in terms of purity, taste, thickness, and naturalness, with no added sugar.
    Honey is beneficial to one’s health, and I’m aware that Healthy Honey is a reputable brand that everyone can trust, as well as a good value for money.

  4. Subham (store manager)

    Good honey with added sugar!

    The honey has some scent of tulsi although sugar syrup seems to be added in it (don’t go for the product headline). It is somewhat better than the usual go to honey that we get in the market, but certainly not the best. If you find other options, please don’t go for it.

  5. priyavart (store manager)


    In today’s market, there is a variety of flavored honey to choose from. This Honey, on the other hand, tastes exactly like the original classic flavor. The original flavor lingers in my mouth for a long time after I eat the Honey, which I find quite satisfying. Healthy Honey is one of my favorites.

  6. Aisha kashyap (store manager)

    Value for money

    I purchased Healthy honey and was unsure about its purity and benefits. However, once I received the product, I found it to be very pure and tasty. I have already ordered a second bottle for all of my family members and will continue purchasing.

  7. Neeraj Sangwan (store manager)

    Amazing product and very good for your health

    Amazing honey; the instant you taste it, you can tell it’s different and real organic honey. In comparison to similar items in this price range, it offers excellent value for money. There was no leaking because it was wrapped properly.

  8. Deepak Jain (store manager)

    The Healthy Honey has a nice floral aroma and tastes delicious.

    The Healthy Honey has a nice floral aroma and tastes delicious. It reminds me of the honey my family used to get when I was a kid.

  9. Lakshmi V. (store manager)

    Item is very good but if the bottle is sealed with spill proof lid it will be great.

    Good and tasty honey gooseberry with out seeds.

  10. Diksha thakur (store manager)

    Pure and natural healthy honey

    I have bought this 🍯 honey and the taste is really good. This is my second purchase of this raw honey and I must say it’s pure honey recommend to all. Delivered on time in good condition

  11. Tanuj Y. (store manager)

    Love it.

    In my diet, I consume honey daily. I tried several different honey brands, but after using this one, it appears to be the best in terms of purity, taste, thickness, and naturalness, with no added sugar.

  12. Nikky (store manager)


    The packaging was great and, I found it original, organic honey. Taste good and smells like original fresh honey. My family members like it very much. It’s a must-buy product.

  13. bikram singh (store manager)

    Tasty and effective

    Really good for health
    Effective as described by the seller
    Very tasty and digestive
    Since Im consuming,felling good and activeness

  14. Ranjeet Chauhan (store manager)

    Awesome products,quality is too good.

    Better in taste as compare to dabur and patanjali
    Very nice honey.good quality product.
    I m happy with this product

  15. aman sehrawat (store manager)

    Natural taste

    One of the best honey in the market. Natural taste, Surely will recommend to my family and friends & community

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