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Premium quality 100% raw Tulsi Honey

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Essential Features of Tulsi Honey

Natural Ingredients

It contains 100% natural ingredients.Natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants present in it can improve digestion.


Made from the nectar of Tulsi herb and contains extracts of Tulsi.

Pure & unprocessed

Healthy honey’s Tulsi honey is 100% Pure, unprocessed, and has an unadulterated taste with a natural aroma present in it.

No added preservatives

It is totally free from added preservatives.

Benefits of Tulsi Honey

It can improve

Boosts immunity & lowers the risk of heart disease

It promotes good

A healthy sugar


  1. Kindle Customer (store manager)

    Best Honey I Ever Had
    good things in life do not comes cheap. how anybody can give you money at hundred rupees 200 rupees 1 kg?
    this honey almost at thousand rupees a kg is fully justified.
    I got the name of this company from the honey testing report, published couple of months back in leading daily newspaper, where all major brands failed accept this unknown brand to me.
    worth every rupee.

  2. Anoj Rai (store manager)

    Good quality
    I have been using Dabur Honey since many years. My days starts with honey in a cup of tea. 1.2 kgs Dabur Honey cost you ₹ 395/- and I used to think that when we locally buy the honey we have to pay a minimum of 1K for a bottle (probably 750ml) and we are getting more then 1 kgs for ₹ 395/- and remind you ‘whenever you want or whatever quantity you want’. How is this possible??
    And a couple of day ago, media have cleared all my doubts and buy the Nature’s Nector Honey. And the honey is real honey. It smells like honey, etc, etc.
    Go for it.

  3. prince (store manager)

    Best Honey

    From a long time i m searching a good real Raw & unprocessed Trannier suggest me this NATURES NECTAR SELECT JAMUN HONEY..First OF all it comes NMR with Every bottle of Honey..Their is a QR Code on Honey Bottle for NMR report..i used it and yes it is 100 percent pure & natural.. Taste is mouth watering & quality that u can’t believe from my mouth use and u will see results on ur adulteration.. seriously it’s a great food’s boosted my immunity also seeing results in my workout routine..full of nutrients &’s free from c3-c4 sugars & most imp thing it’s raw and unprocessed seriously it’s amazing product.. thanks nature nectar for making this..

  4. Radhika Laddha (store manager)

    100% Pure and Authentic

    Nature’s Nectar Jamun honey is loaded with all-natural
    compounds that boost your immune system. 100% traceable to
    beehives, and NMR tested – the most advanced German
    technology to test for adulterations and manipulations to give
    you 100% pure and natural honey. I’m a honey lover since childhood and have tasted original honey. This comes closest to natural honey. I have tasted many companies honey, but all have fake honey taste. Surely this isn’t 100% original.It does not contain added sugar.The superfood for a super you everyday,

  5. Harsh Singh (store manager)

    Unique Taste

    Nature’s Nectar Jamun honey is stacked with all-normal
    intensifies that support your invulnerable system.
    100% detectable to colonies of bees, and NMR tried – the most developed German
    innovation to test for defilements and controls to give you unadulterated and normal honey.

  6. Neha sharma (store manager)

    Awsm taste

    Very highly recommended nature’s Nector jamun honey which I ordered from here.. Very tastier and healthier no sugar only pure honey which helps in reducing fat and increasing metabolism..: Raw honey which is difficult to find nywhere.. But I can found now with the help of nature’s Nector honey taste is really very nice..

  7. anushree (store manager)

    Great packaging, good product

    I would have said great product as’s the only honey brand that sent me nmr test report (for purity) for their honey. But why 4 stars, because they mentioned best before date. Pure honey never expires

  8. Allen Dcosta (store manager)

    Good quality

    Authentic Honey. Good quality. Tastes Pure. No added crap like rice syrup, sugar additives etc like in Dabur or Patanjali adulterared honey

  9. Anurag Tomar (store manager)

    For honey lover it is amazing …

    As a fitness freak I always consume honey as sweetener it gives me strength with power…This time I tried this forest honey it is bestes taste till I tasted…Now I m a fan of this honey brand…Must try …Value for money

  10. CVP57 (store manager)

    Excellent taste packaging and value for money.

    Loved the distinctive taste and the high quality glass jar and design. I will buy this repeatedly far 2 reasons: the first is the taste. The second is for the jar which I will use for storage.

  11. BISWAJIT (store manager)

    Real and best honey

    The honey is just awesome. Just go for it. U can get to taste real honey. It does not contain added sugar.

  12. Aditi (store manager)

    Tasty and healthy honey for immunity

    I liked the pure honey taste and Jamun factor that’s good for diabetic people. Honey is an immunity booster and genuine honey like this is a great food supplement.

  13. Nazim Ahmed (store manager)

    100% pure & natural

    I have used jamun honey for some time now and am completely satisfied with the quality.This honey is thick and not very sweet (as far as honey goes).Impressed with the packaging they provide. Keep doing this wonderful stuff.

  14. Pooja (store manager)

    Great taste

    The forest honey from nature’s nectar tasted great . It had a nice authentic honey taste . It is 100% pure and nmr tested . I read previous reviews where it was mentioned that there was no proof of nmr , but I was able to get the nmr report on scanning the code . The honey also came in a nice packaging .

  15. Abhishek (store manager)


    I’m a honey lover since childhood and have tasted original honey. This comes closest to natural honey. I have tasted many companies honey, but all have fake honey taste. Surely this isn’t 100% original but more like 95%+ pure honey. The taste is good. The packaging is also good.

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