From sweetening your tea or dessert right on the spot with 0 calories to fixing skin blemishes and offering various other benefits, Honey, as we all know, is one of the most common household products.

Many of you might be wondering where can I get organic honey but before figuring out the best pure honey to buy, it is important to know the difference between organic and raw honey. Organic Honey is produced from the pollen of the plants that are organically grown, without any chemical miticide for treating the bees. The use of organic honey can make sure that you can avoid any contact with pesticides that are sprayed on or near those plants that honey bees visit. It is imperative to keep in mind that the honey that is tagged “organic” is not compulsorily minimally processed or raw unless the label says so.

Let us jump into the benefits of consuming organic honey.

  1. Rich In Antioxidants

High-grade organic honey is full of antioxidants which are inclusive of organic acids and phenolic compounds. One of the studies shows that buckwheat honey can boost the benefits related to antioxidants in your body.

  1. Full Of Antibacterial And Antifungal Properties

Organic honey is full of antibacterial and antifungal properties that make it a suitable remedy for various skin conditions like acne, dandruff, and eczema. For fixing the blemishes, you need to:

  1. Debt the organic honey right on the spot you have acne on.
  2. Let it stay for 10 minutes.
  3. Rinse it using warm water.
  1. Away From Harmful Effects Of Miticide

As mentioned earlier, organic honey comes from the pollen of those plants that are grown organically without any chemicals treating the bees. This way, all you get is the pureness and goodness of nature.

  1. Improves Your Sleep

Honey produces melatonin and is thus great for those who have issues with sleeping. Melatonin is known to be the sleep hormone that handles the regulation of the sleep-wake cycle. So in order to sleep with ease at night time, make sure you add a teaspoon or two of honey to your tea and drink before you sleep.

  1. Helps In Lowering The Blood Pressure

The antioxidant elements in organic honey are known for lowering blood pressure. Studies on both humans and laboratory rats show a reduction in blood pressure after honey supplementation.

  1. Brings An Improvement In The Cholesterol Levels

Organic honey is helpful in lowering bad cholesterol or LDL and raises good cholesterol or HDL, as observed in the 8-week long clinical trial in about 48 diabetic patients.

  1. Lowers The Triglyceride Levels

Published in the year 2013, a randomized crossover pilot study suggests that consumption of about 0.5kg/ml or honey daily for about 12 weeks of time creates a positive impact on the metabolism of patients with type 1 diabetes. Organic honey is known for decreasing the overall cholesterol, lipoprotein of low density, fasting serum glucose, as well as serum triglyceride levels.

  1. Promotes The Health Of Your Heart

With so many positive effects on triglyceride, cholesterol, and blood pressure, it comes as no surprise as to how organic honey can boost heart health. According to a study, the Malaysian Tualang honey proved to be pretty helpful in protecting the heart from oxidative stress.

  1. Boosts Weight Control

Organic honey is definitely the best substitute for sugar if you are someone who is trying to lose some inches. The GI (Glycemic Index) of honey is pretty much lower as compared to that of sugar. The GI of Honey is at the moderate range of about 54-59, whereas the GI of other forms of Sugar can reach up as high as 105.

GI is basically the measure that helps in the determination of how fast food can bring about a rise in the levels of blood sugar. It is imperative to use the organic honey of a high-quality brand as the one of lower quality might be combined with the syrup. The health benefits that honey has to offer are pretty noticeable when replacing it with unhealthy sweeteners.

  1. Improves Immunity

The bacteria-fighting effects can help in preventing the infections that viruses, bacterias, and fungi cause. It is best to have honey before your breakfast for extra energy.

  1. Enhances Memory

Organic honey can boost your memory and concentration level. According to a study published in the year 2015, Tualang honey specifically is known to improve memory and learning by boosting the factors of brain growth, reducing the oxidative stress on the brain, and enhancing the brain areas that are related to memory.

  1. Calms Cough And Sore-Throat

Honey can prove out to be a pretty effective treatment when it comes to cough. One of the studies suggests that in comparison to the two medications for common cough, honey proved out to be more helpful.

  1. Accelerates The Healing Of Burns And Cuts

Organic honey is known for speeding up the process of wound healing. It is full of acidic pH that can promote oxygen release and plays a vital role in the healing of wounds. The natural sugar content in honey has the osmotic effect known for minimizing the swelling and stimulating the lymph flow in the damaged areas.

  1. Enhances The Digestive System

Organic Honey is suggested to be a potent prebiotic by a study that is known to bring about an improvement in indigestion. Another study that was conducted on the honey-fed rats suggested that honey can prevent the harmful effects caused by mycotoxins as well as boosts the microflora of the gut.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, the post was successful in giving you an idea about the advantages that organic honey holds.

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